Blockchain for your business

Blockchain technologies have demonstrated their potential in numerous sectors: banking, insurance, transport, retail, energy, real estate, music industry...
We help you seize blockchain opportunities and leverage their potential with our cross-industry experience. From ideation to production, we are your partners of blockchain.

Our expertises

  • √Deeper understanding of the theory and laws of blockchain
  • √Specializing in product design and solutions
  • √Connection of the cutting-edge technology with Silicon Valley in blockchain
  • √Powerful partners and blockchain resources

Product & Service



  • Explore the function of blockchain in application
  • Intergrade the commercial plan and product development with blockchain tech
  • Design the operation plan and implementation
  • Whitepaper composing
Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development

  • Optimal plan for the product design
  • Public chain development based on Ethereum or blockchain 3.0 technology.
  • Development of smart contract and Dapp

Marketing and Solutions

  • Global top operation team
  • Customized operation plan
  • Strict legal compliance
  • Fast implementation and application
BL Chain

BL Chain

  • Implement retail and service fission promotion
  • Open, Transparent and Credibility
  • Agent cost deducted and rebate rewarded to the customer
  • Establish benign commercial environment among enterprises.

Our Partners

  • Tencent


    Application in financial sector with blockchain technology
  • Mission Public

    Mission Public

    Development of blockchain technology and AI
  • QuarkChain


    Cooperation in the third generation of blockchain application from Silicon Valley
  • DXChain


    Cooperation in the third generation of blockchain application from Silicon Valley
  • K Tech

    K.K Tech

    Cooperation in the blockchain development from Beijing
  • Tuda Tech

    Tuda Tech

    Application of the latest AI image recognition technology

Our Team